Learn What Questions to Ask Electricians


Questions to Ask Electrical Contractors

Finding the right¬†electrical contractors¬†can be difficult since installations and repairs are among the leading causes of house fires. Electrical problems must be handled right and follow the legal requirements of your state’s building department. Asking these questions can help you find the right electrician in your place with the right experience and business practices that match your needs. Keep on reading!

Do you offer fixed rates?

Estimates are a crucial piece of information in hiring an electrician, but it’s much better if they offer a variety of options. Most electricians will agree that hourly charges are a good way to get value for money on smaller tasks, while fixed rates provide peace of mind knowing that you won’t go over your budget. Established companies will offer an estimate that includes the breakdown of everything, including labor, materials, tools, and things that might affect their performance. Then, they let you decide how you want to pay. If you choose fixed rates, there are no additional charges or surprises at the end.

Will you have insurance?

Electrical repairs are dangerous and regardless of being careful, things can go out of control. If you’re working with uninsured electricians, you’re dealing with the risk that can be financially and physically damaging if something unfortunate happens while they’re working on your property. Insurance shouldn’t just protect the electricians, but also the clients and individuals entering your property for the years to come.

What’s your experience?

One general rule for most fields is that the longer you’ve been in the industry, the better you know the job. For that reason, you want electrical contractors with at least four years of experience. If you don’t want to take their word for it, you can check their background online to learn about how long they’ve been operating their business.