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Arlington Generator Services 

Home and business owners across Tennessee have installed generators on their properties to give them access to electricity when its supply is limited. From powering home appliances to keeping your business’s machinery and technology running during an outage, an electrical backup system can save you money and give you peace of mind. At Haley Electric, we want to help you weather blackouts and energy shortages with confidence. If you are interested in installing a generator or need service or repairs for the one you have, call us. We will be glad to help make your property in Arlington, Atoka, or the surrounding areas more energy secure. 

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Reasons to Install a Generator

Generators power your property in emergency situations. Whether a heat wave, sudden winter storm, downed powerline, or anything else causes an outage, a backup system can help keep your business, organization, or household going. 

Below are some of the top reasons to install a generator:

  • They can keep your refrigerators and freezers operating. This can prevent food from spoiling, which is crucial in a restaurant or residential setting.
  • They deliver the energy your various appliances and machinery need. Even when your whole area is without electricity, your home or business can carry on like normal.
  • Many backup systems are automatic. As soon as you have limited or no power, your generator will begin working without delay.
  • The costs of losing power on your property can be great, from closing your business’s doors to facing safety hazards from extreme weather. Having the security of a generator can help you avoid these risks.

If these benefits sound good to you, reach out to Haley Electric today to learn about our generator services in Arlington. We can provide you with a free estimate for the price of installation. 

Generator Types 

There are two general types of backup systems: portable and standby. Given their name, portable generators are smaller and easy to maneuver. You can take them just about anywhere and deliver power. While their load capacity is limited compared to standby units, they are still great options for keeping crucial appliances and devices running for hours at a time.

Standby generators offer property owners full security during blackouts. When we install these units, we connect them to your electrical infrastructure. The right standby system will be able to support your electricity load for as long as you need.  

What to Consider When Choosing a Generator

Bringing an electrical backup system to your property is a smart decision, but there are important considerations you should make when choosing a generator. 

Here are three things to consider: 

What electrical load capacity do you need your generator to support? 

Answering this question is a simple matter of determining how much power you use at your home or commercial property. You will want to choose a generator that can provide the electricity your business, organization, or household uses.

What fuel sources are available, and which will be best? 

Generators typically use gasoline, natural gas, or propane to produce electric energy. When you are deciding what system will be best for your home, you ought to consider what fuel source will be the most cost effective for where you live and how you plan to use your generator.

What kind of features do you want your generator to have? 

Backup systems come with all types of features that can improve their function and keep your property safe. You might want to opt for a generator that will automatically shut off if it detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. You might also want a system that you can start remotely or that kicks on as soon as you lose power.

Speak with one of our experienced team members at Haley Electric today about what kind of generator would be best for your property. We will be happy to help you weigh your options and develop a plan to fit a new backup system with your electrical infrastructure. 

Get a free estimate for your generator service in Arlington by calling (901) 676-7753 or reaching out to us online.

What are the Signs Your Generator Needs Repair?

Several signs indicate that your generator might need repair:

  1. Strange Noises: Unusual sounds like knocking, banging, or grinding coming from the generator could indicate mechanical issues or loose components.
  2. Difficulty Starting: If your generator struggles to start or requires multiple attempts before starting, there could be problems with the ignition system, fuel delivery, or battery.
  3. Reduced Power Output: If the generator is not providing sufficient power or is fluctuating in its power output, it may indicate issues with the engine, alternator, or voltage regulator.
  4. Visible Leaks: Any signs of fluid leaks, such as oil or coolant, around the generator could indicate a leak in the engine, hoses, or seals that require attention.
  5. Exhaust Smoke: Unusual smoke emissions from the exhaust, such as excessive black smoke (indicating incomplete combustion), white smoke (indicating coolant leakage into cylinders), or blue smoke (indicating oil burning), can all indicate underlying issues.
  6. Frequent Stalling: If the generator frequently stalls or shuts down unexpectedly, it could be due to various issues such as fuel supply problems, engine overheating, or electrical faults.
  7. Unreliable Performance: If the generator operates intermittently or inconsistently, it could signal problems with the fuel system, electrical connections, or engine components.
  8. Burning Smell: A burning smell coming from the generator could indicate overheating, electrical shorts, or malfunctioning components that require immediate attention.
  9. Warning Lights or Alarms: Modern generators often have built-in diagnostic systems that alert users to potential issues through warning lights or alarms. Pay attention to these indicators and consult the manual for guidance on troubleshooting.
  10. Age and Maintenance History: If your generator is old or has not been regularly maintained, it may be more prone to breakdowns and require repairs.

If you notice any of these signs, it's essential to address them promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the reliable operation of your generator. Regular maintenance and inspection can also help identify potential issues before they escalate into significant problems.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Commercial Generator Maintenance

At Haley Electric, we understand that electrical issues can disrupt your business operations and cause significant downtime. That's why we offer comprehensive commercial generator maintenance services to ensure your electrical systems are functioning optimally.

Benefits of regular commercial generator maintenance include:

  • Preventing costly electrical breakdowns
  • Extending the lifespan of your equipment
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Reducing the risk of electrical hazards
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations

Our team of highly skilled electricians will conduct thorough inspections, identify any potential issues, and perform necessary repairs or replacements to keep your electrical systems in top condition. With our proactive maintenance approach, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from unexpected electrical failures.

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